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Canada's best-loved career guide for recent graduates

Published annually since 1992, The Career Directory is Canada's longest-running employment guide for new graduates. Each year, the editorial team at the Canada's Top 100 Employers project reviews thousands of employers to determine the academic qualifications they actively seek in young job-seekers. The result is a wonderful resource that helps students and new graduates find jobs that make the most of their university degree or college diploma.

The Career Directory was born in the summer of 1989. Two University of Toronto graduates had become frustrated in their search for work related to their studies. Through the course of their job searches, they were unable to find a good source of objective information about employers interested in hiring recent graduates. Richard Yerema, the writer of the two, put together a looseleaf listing of all the employers he discovered that were hiring new graduates. The listings were short and to the point – just a few words about what each employer did, the academic fields they were interested in, and an assessment of how best to get a job there. A few dozen interesting employers were listed.

Richard's friends learned what he was working on and soon started asking if they could "borrow" his looseleaf listings for their own job searches. In turn, their friends began asking where they could get such information. Then it occurred to Richard that maybe researching and writing these looseleaf listings was a full- time job in itself – and so The Career Directory was created.

The first edition in 1991 became an instant hit at campus career centres and bookstores. Over the next 15 years, the print edition helped hundreds of thousands of Canadian job-seekers get started on their careers. Today, The Career Directory is managed by the Canada's Top 100 Employers team and reaches more job- seekers than ever online. Its purpose hasn't changed – the guide remains a trusted and objective source of information about employers interested in hiring people from particular academic backgrounds. Within its listings, you'll find valuable and unique information that will help you focus your job search and tap the potential of the hidden job market.

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Employers: How to Apply

Employers of any size may apply to be featured in The Career Directory, whether private or public sector — there is no cost or fee to apply. If your organization would like to be considered, please email our editorial team.

To be considered for The Career Directory, your organization must: (a) recruit new and recent graduates; (b) have a place of business or physical presence in Canada; and (c) offer benefits and HR programs of interest to recent graduates. Many employers featured in The Career Directory offer:

Formal Training Programs


Help Obtaining Credentials

Internships & Co-Op

Career Planning

Advancement Opportunities